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The Open edX platform, the software that powers edX!
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.tx Segregate learner account settings strings. Feb 26, 2019
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common INCR-230 - Run python-modernize and isort on common/lib/xmodule/xmodu… May 16, 2019
conf/locale add translations for newly added languages. Apr 25, 2019
docs Top-level ADR-2: Inter-App APIs May 4, 2019
lms incr-310 (#20615) May 16, 2019
openedx fix broken FBE banner dates in firefox May 16, 2019
pavelib Mock CourseEnrollment history for test performance May 6, 2019
requirements Updating Python Requirements (#20641) May 17, 2019
screenshots/baseline AC-517 fixes `color-contrast` ignores across platform Jul 12, 2016
scripts bulk create incr tickets May 14, 2019
static/monitoring update mustache.js to 2.2.1 Nov 29, 2017
test_root Refactor course search into openedx/features Jun 13, 2017
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webpack-config Reapply the XBlock RequireJS -> Webpack changes Jun 28, 2018
.annotation_safe_list.yml Initial start on annotations. Feb 19, 2019
.babelrc Add jest snapshot testing Jul 17, 2018
.coveragerc Split calc package out into an independent package May 2, 2019
.coveragerc-local Split calc package out into an independent package May 2, 2019
.editorconfig $ edx_lint write .editorconfig Dec 17, 2018
.eslintignore Drop remaining coffee use Apr 13, 2018
.eslintrc.json Upgrade eslint packages Mar 20, 2017
.gitattributes vagrant: Prevent git from altering line endings altogether Jul 10, 2013
.gitignore Move django_comment_common from common to openedx May 3, 2019
.npmignore Add empty npmignore file, override gitignore for NPM deps. Jan 17, 2018
.npmrc Faster "npm install" without progress bar Dec 20, 2018
.pii_annotations.yml Initial start on annotations. Feb 19, 2019
.stylelintignore Make the course content page responsive Nov 1, 2017
CHANGELOG.rst TE-2702 Update Read the Docs links to HTTPS Aug 15, 2018
CONTRIBUTING.rst No need to maintain AUTHORS Apr 17, 2019
LICENSE clarify LICENSE Jul 9, 2013
Makefile TE-2850 Resume RTD doc builds (#19910) Apr 18, 2019
README.rst README change May 9, 2019
circle.yml PLAT-2060 Use pip-tools to manage requirements files (take 2) Apr 12, 2018
codecov.yml adjust codecov threshold Sep 27, 2016 fixup! Load all webpack chunks into fragments as correctly-typed reso… Sep 7, 2018
doc.rst.j2 use new, shorter names for feature toggle annotations (#20202) Apr 12, 2019
jest.config.js Add UI to browse and browse course structure and select the course/ch… Jul 17, 2018 DEPR-14 Remove Mar 28, 2019
openedx.yaml The track-pulls key is obsolete Jan 29, 2019
package-lock.json Upgrade axe-core and ignore newly introduced failures Apr 17, 2019
package.json Upgrade axe-core and ignore newly introduced failures Apr 17, 2019 PLAT-2060 Use pip-tools to manage requirements files (take 2) Apr 12, 2018
pylintrc edx_lint write pylintrc Apr 10, 2019
pylintrc_tweaks enable unicode format string linter Feb 20, 2019
setup.cfg Fix/ignore errors caused by a pycodestyle upgrade Oct 31, 2018 Revert "Fix the unpredictable order randomization issue with randomiz… May 8, 2019
setupTests.js Add UI to browse and browse course structure and select the course/ch… Jul 17, 2018
stylelint.config.js Lint Sass files using the rules in stylelint-config-edx Sep 12, 2017
tox.ini TE-2861 Use correct version of Django in tests (#20271) Apr 19, 2019
webpack.common.config.js Remove Diff Paid experimental features. May 3, 2019 Webpack config will pull in available workers dynamically from edx-pr… Dec 21, 2018 Consolidate worker-targetting webpack config in common Dec 21, 2018


This is the main edX platform which consists of LMS and Studio.


Please refer to the following wiki pages in our configuration repo to install edX:

  • edX Developer Stack: These instructions are for developers who want to contribute or make changes to the edX source code.
  • edX Full Stack: Using Vagrant/Virtualbox this will setup all edX services on a single server in a production like configuration.
  • edX Ubuntu 16.04 64-bit Installation: This will install edX on an existing Ubuntu 16.04 server.


The code in this repository is licensed under version 3 of the AGPL unless otherwise noted. Please see the LICENSE file for details.

More about Open edX

See the Open edX site to learn more about Open edX. You can find information about the edX roadmap, as well as about hosting, extending, and contributing to Open edX. In addition, the Open edX Portal provides product announcements, the Open edX blog, and other rich community resources.


Documentation details can be found in the docs index.rst.

Getting Help

If you’re having trouble, we have several different mailing lists where you can ask for help:

  • openedx-ops: everything related to running Open edX. This includes installation issues, server management, cost analysis, and so on.
  • openedx-translation: everything related to translating Open edX into other languages. This includes volunteer translators, our internationalization infrastructure, issues related to Transifex, and so on.
  • openedx-analytics: everything related to analytics in Open edX.
  • edx-code: anything else related to Open edX. This includes feature requests, idea proposals, refactorings, and so on.

Our real-time conversations are on Slack. You can request a Slack invitation, then join our community Slack team.

Issue Tracker

We use JIRA for our issue tracker, not GitHub Issues. To file a bug or request a new feature, please make a free account on our JIRA and create a new issue! If you’re filing a bug, we’d appreciate it if you would follow our guidelines for filing high-quality, actionable bug reports. Thanks!!

How to Contribute

Contributions are very welcome, but for legal reasons, you must submit a signed individual contributor agreement before we can accept your contribution. See our CONTRIBUTING file for more information – it also contains guidelines for how to maintain high code quality, which will make your contribution more likely to be accepted.

Reporting Security Issues

Please do not report security issues in public. Please email

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