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EdX i18n tools are a set of commands useful for developers and translators to extract, compile and validate translations. The edX i18n tools can be installed running the following command inside the extracted directory.

python install


For Django projects, commands should be run from the root directory, and the default configuration will be found at ./conf/locale/config.yaml. For Django apps, commands should be run from the app's directory, and the default configuration will be found at ./locale/config.yaml.

You can specify a different configuration file with the --config argument.

General Commands

  • To extract source strings and populate .po translation files with them
    • i18n_tool extract
  • To generate test language(eo) translation files from source .po files
    • i18n_tool dummy
  • To compile .po translation files into .mo message files
    • i18n_tool generate
  • To find translation errors in .po files
    • i18n_tool validate
  • To determine if the source translation files(.po) are up-to-date
    • i18n_tool changed
  • To segment a .po file into smaller files based on the locations of the messages
    • i18n_tool segment

Transifex Commands

Developers or translators can use commands provided by edX i18n tools to upload translations to Transifex or download them. Before using these commands one should have an account on to create a ~/.transifexrc file. Once the Transifex account has been set up, create a ~/.transifexrc file having these contents:

hostname =
token =

Also make sure you have a Transifex configuration file .tx/config present under the project directory.

  • To upload translations to Transifex
    • i18n_tool transifex push
  • To download translations from Transifex
    • i18n_tool transifex pull


Details of the config.yaml file are in edx-platform/conf/locale/config.yaml



  • Pinned a requirement to prevent failures when used with other applications.


  • i18n_tool changed command added. This command determines if the source translation files are up-to-date. If they are not it returns a non-zero exit code.


  • i18n_tool validate no longer complains about problems in both the component .po files and the combined .po files.


  • i18n_tool extract will preserve existing django.po and djangojs.po files in the source directory.


  • i18n_tool transifex push and i18n_tool transifex pull now can take optional resource names on the command line. If not provided, all resources are pushed/pulled.


  • i18n_tool validate no longer leaves an unneeded file behind.


To work on this code:

  1. Install Tox:

    $ pip install tox
  2. Run tests:

    $ tox

    If you have failures because msgcat failed, you may need to install it, and adjust your PATH to include it. On a Mac, for example:

    $ brew install gettext
    $ PATH=/usr/local/Cellar/gettext/0.19.3/bin/:$PATH tox