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Open edX Webhooks Handlers (and Other JIRA/GitHub Utilities)

Webhooks for Open edX integrating JIRA and Github. Designed to be deployed at Heroku.

Access the app at https://openedx-webhooks.herokuapp.com.

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Set Up Development Environment


Make sure you've installed:

  • Python 2.7.x development environment (virtualenv strongly recommended)

  • Heroku Command Line

    All heroku commands can be performed through the Heroku web-based dashboard as well, if you don't want to use the CLI.

Set up

  1. Log in using the email address and password you used when creating your Heroku account:

    heroku login

    Authenticating is required to allow both the heroku and git commands to operate.

  2. Add the Heroku app repo as a git remote:

    heroku git:remote -a openedx-webhooks-staging
  3. Verify that the remote is added properly:

    git remote -v

    You should see output similar to:

    heroku  https://git.heroku.com/openedx-webhooks-staging.git (push)
    heroku  https://git.heroku.com/openedx-webhooks-staging.git (fetch)
    origin  git@github.com:edx/openedx-webhooks.git (fetch)
    origin  git@github.com:edx/openedx-webhooks.git (push)


This app relies on the following addons from Heroku:

  • PostgreSQL
  • Redis
  • Papertrail
  • Scheduler

While it's possible to replicate the entire stack locally, it'll be difficult to ensure consistent experience for each developer. Instead, we utilize the pipeline facility offered by Heroku to handle our development needs.

The general development cycle is:

Code → Deploy branch to staging → Test → Iterate

To deploy a local branch to staging:

git push heroku [branch_or_tag_or_hash:]master

In most cases, to push your current working branch, use:

git push heroku @:master

Once you're satisfied with your changes, go ahead and open a pull request per normal development procedures.

Smoke test the deployment

Navigate to https://openedx-webhooks-staging.herokuapp.com to make sure the app has started. If the URL is too hard to remember, you can also use:

heroku open

If the application isn't running, visit the openedx-webhooks-staging Resources page to make sure there are dynos running.

Run Tests

make install-dev-requirements
make test


In most cases, you'll want to deploy by promoting from staging to production. The general workflow is:

Merge to master → Deploy master to staging → Test → Promote to production

Prior to the promotion, make sure all the changes have been merged to master, and you've deployed the master branch successfully to staging:

git push heroku master

When you're ready to promote from staging to production:

heroku pipelines:promote -r heroku

Ensure the same versions are deployed

Make sure the same git commit is deployed to both environments. First see what's deployed on staging:

heroku releases -n 1

Then see what's deployed on production:

heroku releases -a openedx-webhooks -n 1

Make sure the abbreviated git SHAs match.

Smoke test the deployment

Navigate to https://openedx-webhooks.herokuapp.com to make sure the app has started. If the URL is too hard to remember, you can also use:

heroku open -a openedx-webhooks

Other things to know

This should no longer be an issue as of July 9th, 2018.

If you re-process pull requests, an unfortunate thing can happen: it will find stale pull requests that were written by edX employees who have now left. The bot will see that the author has no contributor agreement, and will make a new JIRA issue for the pull request. This is needless noise.

The bot looks for comments it wrote that have a JIRA issue id in them. You can leave the bot comment on the stale pull request so that at least it won't happen again in the future.


  • Describe the different processes that are run on Heroku
  • Describe how to access logs
  • Make sure docs/ is up to date