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Integration Test Framework

A framework for handling setup of XQueue for integration tests. These are used by the tests in queue/tests to:

  • Abstract setup / teardown of the XQueue. For example, there is a start_workers() method that starts (consumers) running locally.

  • Stub out parts of the system. For example, some of the tests run an "external" grading service that listens and responds on a local port.

The framework is defined in integration_framework.py and used by some of the tests in queue/tests/

Running Tests

Integration tests run as part of the test suite. To run the suite, use:

 make xqueue-shell
 make test

in the base Docker Devstack directory and it will run from your xqueue checkout.

Authentication Information

Some tests may require authentication information that, for security reasons, should be kept separate from the repository. For example, you might write an integration test that uses an external service that requires login.

Tests that require authentication to run should raise a SkipTest exception if the authentication information is not provided. See the integration test queue/tests/test_matlab_grader.py for an example. You can add the matlab API key to your django settings in test_settings.py but it should not be pushed to a repository. You may prefer to pass that in as an environment variable and change the test if you wish to run it.