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Become an EEA Community Projects Sponsor

EEA Community Projects are supported by an international alliance of organizations committed to advancing the open source development of interoperability standards for the Ethereum community. New members are welcome.

The main reason to sponsor EEA Community Projects is to ensure your organization--and the world--can reap the benefits of high-quality specifications that facilitate Ethereum’s longevity, interoperability, and ease of integration.

EEA Community Projects Sponsors are recognized for their leadership in several ways.

Governance benefits

Each Sponsor organization has the option to hold a seat on the EEA Community Projects Governing Board where they:

  • Provide top-level guidance for the EEA Community Projects community
  • Influence the development of EEA Community Projects standards, ensuring their organization's perspectives and use cases are represented
  • Approve proposals for new work
  • Approve all final specifications and other deliverables (one org/one vote)
  • Decide which specifications to advance through the OASIS Open standards process
  • Determine when approved work should be submitted to de jure standards bodies, e.g., ISO, IEC, ITU, UN/CEFACT
  • Oversee the work of the Baseline Technical Steering Committee and other groups

Visibility benefits

Sponsors receive exclusive visibility for their support. They:

  • Stand out on the EEA Community Projects GitHub site, the Baseline website, and in social media
  • Have their organizations named and their executive quotes featured in EEA Community Projects press releases including Baseline press releases
  • Provide testimonial quotes for the website
  • Speak on behalf of EEA Community Projects at conferences, workshops, and other events
  • May participate in interoperability demos and plugfests
  • May use the EEA Community Projects logo to promote their sponsorship

Sponsorship Levels

Each organization pays annual Project Sponsorship dues based on its total employee headcount. Dues are administered by OASIS Open and used to provide core services including vendor-neutral governance, technical administration, IP management, collaboration tools, community support, and outreach.

We encourage all organizations that benefit from EEA Community Projects standards to sponsor this important, nonprofit initiative. For information on becoming a Sponsor, contact OASIS.