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Extract data from council meeting documents
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Minutes Maid


Collects data from meeting minutes allowing you-specific filters.

Currently only works for Saint Paul meeting data from, but the aim of the project is to make it easily adaptable for other entities.

Populate data


bin/rake scrape_saint_paul

Heroku deployment

Add MM_GOOGLE_API_KEY value to settings.

heroku run rake scrape_saint_paul
heroku run rake fix_utf8

I've got this scheduled on Heroku:

Fix data

You may find that some Microsoft apostrophes cause odd display characters. You can fix this data by running

bin/rake fix_utf8

Development setup

Get a Google Maps API key

Initialize MM_GOOGLE_API_KEY value as an environment variable. You may set this to any value for now as we don't currently use this API (but we do require a value).

Get a reCAPTCHA API key

See for instructions. Use reCAPTCHA v2, and add localhost as one of the domains if you plan to use reCAPTCHA when developing on your local machine (or create a separate key for local development).

Initialize RECAPTCHA_SITE_KEY and RECAPTCHA_SECRET_KEY as environment variables on your computer.


Unit tests

bin/rails test

Run one test:

bin/rails test test/services/processor/saint_paul_test.rb:27

System tests

bin/rails test:system

Architectural notes


Both the item and meeting dropdown filters are based on the hclass function in the Item and Meeting classes. Please override this for the level of detail that you require in your dropdowns. Note that Zurb Foundation allows you to have nested dropdowns should that seem attractive to you.

unfiltered pages

The items index takes a fairly long amount of time to load with a relatively small number of items. You may find it judicious to set initial filter state, pagination and/or disallow display of all items (especially on one page).

location mapping

MM_GOOGLE_API_KEY represents a Google Maps API key with the Places API enabled. Google currently offers up to 150,000 calls per day to this API for free, but does require you to have a credit card on file with Google.

Heroku tools

Database record count

Heroku Postgres hobby-dev plan allows you 10,000 records free of charge. To see how close you are use

heroku pg:info

Here's an example result:

$ heroku pg:info
Plan:                  Hobby-dev
Status:                Available
Connections:           0/20
PG Version:            10.7
Created:               2019-02-02 16:08 UTC
Data Size:             9.9 MB
Tables:                6
Rows:                  2050/10000 (In compliance)
Fork/Follow:           Unsupported
Rollback:              Unsupported
Continuous Protection: Off
Add-on:                postgresql-colorful-57037

Database access via CLI

 heroku pg:psql
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