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Energy Efficient Buildings Hub Simulation Platform

web software to support decision making in building retrofit projects


The main objective of this EEB Hub Modeling and Simulation project is to develop and deploy a state-of-the-art modeling platform to the building industry in support of integrated design, construction, commissioning, and operation. A modeling platform can be viewed as a suite of interconnected tools that are strategically deployed to different stakeholders responsible for a building in different periods of its lifecycle.

The idea is that empowered stakeholders will be able to make better informed decisions to reduce energy consumption in buildings. The interconnected aspect of tools in the platform should also facilitate negotiations among different stakeholders in the efforts to improve the overall building performance.

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Software Stack

This simulation platform for buildings would not have been possible without the Open Source Software Community to which it is built upon:

  • Bootstrap Front End Styling
  • Express Web Framework
  • Node.js Server Side Language
  • MongoDB Database
  • Ubuntu Operating System

To contribute to this community, this code is released under an open source license based off of the MIT License.

Form & Database Attributes

Attributes are based off of DOE's Building Energy Data Exchange Specification (BEDES). BEDES provides a common data format for building characteristics, efficiency measures, and energy data definitions. BEDES facilitates the utilization and sharing of empirical building energy performance data among software tools and data collection projects.

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Built by the Energy Efficient Buildings Hub, a U.S. Department of Energy Innovation Hub.

Our simulation & modeling team includes PSU, MIT, CMU, UMaryland, UPenn, IBM, UTRC, Balfour Beatty, NIST, & NREL.