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@eed3si9n eed3si9n released this
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Expecty 0.13.0 is built to Scala 2.11, 2.12, 2.13, 0.7 (Dotty), sjs0.6_2.11, sjs0.6_2.12, sjs0.6_2.13, and native0.3_2.11.

Generic Recorder[A, R] macro

Expecty internally defines Recorder macro that records each element in an expression.
Expecty 0.13.0 makes this notion generic as Recorder[A, R]. This might be used for instance to define a new macro that uses Either to return the error instead of throwing an AssertionError exception.

This was contributed by @Baccata as #22

Dotty 0.7.0-RC1 support

Expecty 0.13.0 adds Dotty 0.7 support #21 by @eed3si9n