drop Scala 2.8 support (error deprecated use sys.error) #115

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scalaxb generated scalaxb class leads to warnings when compiling with scala 2.9.1

scalaxb/scalaxb.scala:628: method error in object Predef is deprecated: Use sys.error(message) instead

case _ => error("unknown DataRecord.")

I've been keeping 2.8.1 compatibility around since many of the major players in the community are still on it.
Maybe it's time to start generating 2.9.1 code by default and add option flag?

@eed3si9n eed3si9n was assigned Feb 22, 2012

I was just about to file this as well :-)

I also get a lot of deprecation warnings for Elem.apply:

method error in object Predef is deprecated: Use `sys.error(message)` instead
method apply in object Elem is deprecated: Use the other apply method in this object



@fommil Elem.apply got deprecated in 2.10. I am guessing people still want 2.9.x support.

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