Compiling project with SOAP 1.1 & 1.2 WSDLs fails #130

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  1. Define a SOAP 1.1 and a SOAP 1.2 wsdl for different web services
  2. Compile


The Soap11Clients is generated but not the SoapClients (1.2). A compilation fails as the type cannot be found.


Both clients are generated. The project should be allowed to interact with multiple webservices which use different SOAP versions.


Salesforce Partner WSDL (SOAP 1.1):
National DoNotCall Registry WSDL (SOAP 1.2):

[ERROR] C:\projects\drdnc\target\generated-sources\scalaxb\generated\xmlprotocol.scala:481: error: type SoapClients is not a member of package scalaxb
[INFO]   trait DownloadSvcSoap12Bindings { this: scalaxb.SoapClients =>
$ grep -r Soap.*Clients target/generated-sources/scalaxb/
target/generated-sources/scalaxb/generated/xmlprotocol.scala:  trait DownloadSvcSoap12Bindings { this: scalaxb.SoapClients =>
target/generated-sources/scalaxb/generated/xmlprotocol.scala:  trait SoapBindings { this: scalaxb.Soap11Clients =>
target/generated-sources/scalaxb/scalaxb/soap11.scala:trait Soap11Clients { this: HttpClients =>

For more background see:
#129 (comment)

@eed3si9n eed3si9n closed this in 4e87c03 Dec 11, 2011

eed3si9n added a commit that referenced this issue Dec 11, 2011

fixed wsdl protocols' package name
#130 exposed assuption in wsdl protocol is the
same as the service interface.
now the package dir is respected for protocols,
and references are fully qualified so protocols
can be placed in any package.
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