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added support for lexical boolean representation during parsing (i.e. "0" and "1" in addtion to "true" and "false", as specified in http://www.w3.org/TR/xmlschema-2/#boolean) and added appropriative test in generic tests.

Also fix generic text evaluation for my set of libraries [openjdk-1.7 / scala-2.9.2]


Thanks for the contribution. I am using Scala 2.10.0-RC5 for the integration tests. Could you roll back the 2.9.2 specific changes you made in GeneralUsage.scala, and squash all commits into one?


btw, I rerun tests with scala-2.10.0-RC5 and changes still required to pass integration tests on my machine. [ openjkdk-7 on Frdora Linux / 64 ] Look;s like this behavior depends not from scala version, but from default xml libraries in java installation. Note, that my changes in tests must not broke anything -- they just add 'positive cases', which differs from original positive case xml only in order of attributes or notation for empty element (which both still valid). So, changes in tests are not 2.9.2 specifics -- will change comments.

[will rebase all in one commit .. hope today's evening]


rebased version will be in next pull-request.

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