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scalaxb Maven Plugin

This is the maven plugin for invoking scalaxb as part of a maven build. By default, it binds to the generate-sources phase of the build lifecycle, allowing Scala sources to be generated from XSD files, and subsequently included in the rest of the build.


To build with integration tests:

mvn install -s settings.xml -Pit

To build without integration tests, simply:

mvn install -s settings.xml

The -s option can be omitted when using a repository manager, or if your existing user settings already specify the scala-tools repository.


From the mvn-scalaxb directory:

  • Copy the settings file to somewhere outside the repository, and edit it to set the username and password used to deploy to the scala-tools repository:

    cp settings.xml ~/.m2/scala-tools.xml
    vi ~/.m2/scala-tools.xml
  • Create an alias that will invoke Maven using the new settings file:

    alias mvnst="mvn -s ~/.m2/scala-tools.xml"
  • Use the maven-release-plugin to update the version in the pom.xml, tag, and verify the build:

    mvnst release:prepare
  • Use the release plugin again to checkout the tag, build the release, and deploy to

    mvnst release:perform

The above process will leave a tag in the local repository called 'scalaxb-maven-plugin-version'. It won't be pushed to github automatically. Since scalaxb releases are already tagged, there doesn't seem to be any benefit to having the tag created by the release plugin in the github repo. It can be deleted with git tag -d.


The easiest way to see an example project that uses the scalaxb maven plugin is to run the integration tests (as above, or using mvn verify -Pit) and see integration test projects that have been built in subdirectories of target/it/.

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