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nein: a little esolang

a tiny esoteric language, inspired by BF and this thing


$ gcc nein.c -o nein


$ ./nein h

nein takes one argument: it can be 'h' for help, 'm' for quiet mode (just process stdin and writes output to stdout, no other messages) or 'd' to use a debugger.

language specification

nein has two 8-bit registers (A & B) and a data pointer, default pointing at A. it also has an instruction pointer and space for 5120 (5KiB) instructions. Registers are unsigned and wrap around after 255.

there are 7 commands (anything else is ignored):

Command Definition
9 increase pointed-to register by 9
N move pointer to other register
e decrement pointed-to register by the value of register B
i jump forward to 'n' if register A == 0
n move instruction pointer to last 'i' if register A != 0
! output pointed-to register's value
6 (nine upside-down) decrement pointed-to register by 1

hello world!

The following nein code prints the word "Hello":


The first part of this code is analysed below:

9 # add 9 to register A
6 # regA = 8 now (-1)
i # begin loop
6 # decrement current register, as a loop counter (register A)
N # switch registers (to B, the one we want to increment)
9 # add 9 to B
N # switch back
n # loop
N # switch to register B
! # will print 'H' (ascii 72).