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18 lines (16 sloc) 799 Bytes Scrobbler for the 3VOOR12 Luisterpaal
* Compile the server
- Run 'cabal configure'
- Run 'cabal build'
- (Optional, fix missing dependencies and repeat)
* Create a file called '' with, in order, seperated by (any form of) whitespace
- Your API key (required)
- Your API secret (required)
- Your client id (optional, unless client version is given; default: 'tst')
- Your client version (optional, default '1.0')
* Start the server with from the directory containing the static/ dir and the file.
- The executable should be at ./dist/build/Luisterpaal/Luisterpaal
* In your API profile, set the Callback URL to
* Go to
* Enjoy!