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U = User Experience P = Project
C = Completeness A = Action
E = Elegance I = Idea
B = Bug
[ ] P U - Handle session creation errors, parse error and retry
[ ] P U - Add a status div reporting on actions
[ ] P U - Handle errors from the handshaking as much as possible (before throwing an error to the user)
[ ] P C - Handle response codes from now playing and submission protocol correctly
[ ] P C - Add interface to 'love' tracks
[ ] A E - Make the port configurable
[ ] I U - Add 'now listening' button to post to Twitter
[ ] P U - Make the interface 'widget friendly' (to create a widget from Safari)
[ ] I C - Use API to recommend Luisterpaal CD? (Can we get all the data needed for that?)
[x] A B - Fix encoding problems (seeünchen)
[x] A C - Handle 'various artists' albums
[x] B A - Wait a bit before sending now playing info so it won't conflict with the scrobbling
[x] P U - Get/create/mashup a logo for on the page
[x] A E - Make the client id configurable
[x] A C - Waiting for: a real client id
[x] P B - Fix reveiling of luisterpaal for Safari
[x] A E - Read the API values from a file
[x] A E - Extract JavaScript into a static file
[x] P U - Create a 'front page' that explains the user what will happen, instead of just redirecting
[x] P U - Create a session cookie, so that authentication only needs to happen once
[x] P - Split getting the session key and handshaking
[x] P - Create a series of frontpages
[x] A - Not authenticated frontpage
[x] A - Authenticated (start / start as other user) (support multiple users/sessions?)
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