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KonOpas Utilities

All KonOpas utilities are distributed under the same ISC license as KonOpas itself.

For more online tools to help with KonOpas, see: http://konopas.org/util/

KonOpas cache manifest updater

update-cache-manifest.php updates the timestamp on the konopas.appcache file in KonOpas root. That file is used by the HTML5 cache KonOpas uses to indicate changes in data. So if your programme gets updated, you'll want to either run update_cache_manifest(...) directly (as read-from-gdrive.php does), or do an HTTP GET request for this file.

Google Drive Spreadsheet -> KonOpas Javascript converter

read-from-gdrive.php is a tool for using a Google Drive/Docs spreadsheet as a data source for KonOpas. To use, you'll need non-private spreadsheets for programme and people data, each with appropriate labels on the first row. See here for an example, from Finncon 2013:


To use, modify the $data array in the PHP file to point to your spreadsheet's key and gid, and set tgt to point to the right path for the formatted data. In the source spreadsheet, field names are defined by the first row: a "." indicates sub-objects; use zero-indexed entries to generate arrays rather than objects. The number of sub-objects and array entries are not limited. Don't leave empty rows at the end of the sheets, and in arrays don't leave empty values in the middle.