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NetcastsOSS - Podcasts (netcasts) consumer app powered by open source software, by Flutter
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Netcasts OSS

Simple podcasts (netcasts) management powered by open source software

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Homepage Drawer Search Podcast
Homepage Drawer Search Podcast
Episodes Player Library Downloads
Episodes Player Library Downloads

Why another podcast app?

  • You want an ad-free app for your podcasts consumption
  • You want an app powered by open source software
  • You want an app you can clone, tinker with, and add functionality to
    • You have always had an idea that's been missing from your podcast app that you would like to see
    • We aren't designers :( - perhaps you can design a better theme for you
  • You want to learn more about Flutter which powers this app

Supported Features

  • Find and subscribe to podcasts
  • Download and play podcast episodes
  • Share podcasts
  • Favorite and share podcast episodes
  • Limit data usage / download only when wifi is available
  • Customize look and feel via themes


  • Better local notifications
  • Chromecast support
  • Allow development without requiring a datastore


Currently, I maintain a datastore with popular podcast data. In order to contribute, you would need information about this datastore. As a substitute, one of the items in the roadmap is to provide a data mocking layer to support general app feature development. However, you are able to reproduce this datastore using the podcasts-fetcher work.

App Releases

I have not made what's required to release this app in the play store (keys, release settings, etc) available via github. It's essentially what's in the flutter docs guiding developers through the release process.

Getting Started

For help getting started with Flutter, view the official documentation.

Find out more about the flutter developer experience while building this app.

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