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    Scalax - The Scala Community Library
    Copyright (c) 2005-8 The Scalax Project. All rights reserved.
    The primary distribution site is
    This software is released under the terms of the Revised BSD License.
    There is NO WARRANTY.  See the file LICENSE for the full text.
    -- About --

    The Scala Community Library (Scalax) is a nascent project to develop a
    general utility library for the Scala language, as a companion to the
    standard library.  All members of the Scala community are invited to
    participate, by contributing code and by reviewing existing contributions.
    Scalax is released under a BSD-style license, the same as Scala itself.

    Please see for more information.

    -- Compiling --

   Scalax has been updated to use the Simple Build Tool.   This allows Scalax to be compiled against several scala versions concurrently.

   To build Scalax please download the simple build tool as described here:

   To build, simple run the sbt shell script and enter the following commands:
   > + update
   > + test
   > + package

    Scalax depends only on the Scala compiler (latest stable release).  A
    Makefile and Ant project are both provided.

    To build using Ant, you will need to supply the location of your Scala
    installation, e.g.:

      ant -Dscala.home=/opt/scala