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bind l:shift;ctrl chain push right bar-resize:screenSizeX/2 | push right bar-resize:screenSizeX/3 | push right bar-resize:screenSizeX*2/3
bind h:shift;ctrl chain push left bar-resize:screenSizeX/2 | push left bar-resize:screenSizeX/3 | push left bar-resize:screenSizeX*2/3
bind k:shift;ctrl push up bar-resize:screenSizeY/2
bind j:shift;ctrl push down bar-resize:screenSizeY/2
bind m:shift,ctrl push up bar-resize:screenSizeY
layout dual 'Adium':TITLE_ORDER=Contacts throw 0 resize:screenSizeX/5;screenSizeY | corner bottom-right resize:screenSizeX*4/5;screenSizeY*2/3 0
layout dual 'Twitter' move screenOriginX+screenSizeX/5;screenOriginY screenSizeX*0.35;screenSizeY 0
layout dual 'Mail' push left bar-resize:screenSizeX*2/3 1 # fails if a message window is top
layout dual 'Google Chrome':REPEAT move 0;0 screenSizeX;screenSizeY 0
layout dual 'iTerm' push right bar-resize:screenSizeX/2 1
layout dual 'Emacs' push left bar-resize:screenSizeX/2 1
bind u:shift,ctrl layout dual
default dual resolutions:1920x1200;1280x800
default dual resolutions:1280x800;1920x1200
default dual resolutions:2560x1440;1280x800
default dual resolutions:1280x800;2560x1440
layout single 'iTerm' push up bar-resize:screenSizeY
layout single 'Emacs' push up bar-resize:screenSizeY
layout single 'Chrome' push up bar-resize:screenSizeY
default single count:1
bind 1:shift;cmd throw 0
bind 2:shift;cmd throw 1
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