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A collection of snippets for common JSTL tags

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A collection of snippets I've found useful while editing JSP files using emacs & yasnippet mode. Covers a subset of the core JSTL tags. Assumes that you use a mode called "jsp-mode" to edit JSPs. If this isn't true, you can either rename the jsp-mode directory to the name of the mode you use, or you can put something like this in your .emacs (assuming you currently use nxhtml-mode to edit JSPs):

(define-derived-mode jsp-mode nxhtml-mode "JSP"
  "Major mode for editing .jsp files - identical to nxhtml-mode, but
  allows some mode hooks to run for jsp-mode but not html-mode")
(add-to-list 'auto-mode-alist '("\\.jsp$" . jsp-mode))

If you make any additions or improvements to these snippets, pull requests are welcome.

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