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# convenience makefile to boostrap & run buildout
# use `make options=-v` to run buildout with extra options
version = 2.7
python = bin/python
options =
all: docs tests
coverage: htmlcov/index.html
htmlcov/index.html: src/eestec/portal/*.py src/eestec/portal/browser/*.py \
src/eestec/portal/content/*.py src/eestec/portal/tests/ *.py bin/coverage
@bin/coverage run --source=./src/eestec/portal/ --branch bin/test
@bin/coverage html -i
@touch $@
@echo "Coverage report was generated at '$@'."
docs: docs/html/index.html
docs/html/index.html: docs/*.rst src/eestec/portal/*.py src/eestec/portal/browser/*.py \
src/eestec/portal/tests/*.py bin/sphinx-build
bin/sphinx-build docs docs/html
@touch $@
@echo "Documentation was generated at '$@'."
bin/sphinx-build: .installed.cfg
@touch $@
.installed.cfg: bin/buildout buildout.cfg buildout.d/*.cfg
bin/buildout $(options)
bin/buildout: $(python) buildout.cfg
$(python) -d
@touch $@
virtualenv -p python$(version) --no-site-packages .
@touch $@
tests: .installed.cfg
@bin/flake8 src/eestec/portal
@for pt in `find src/eestec/portal -name "*.pt"` ; do bin/zptlint $$pt; done
@for xml in `find src/eestec/portal -name "*.xml"` ; do bin/zptlint $$xml; done
@for zcml in `find src/eestec/portal -name "*.zcml"` ; do bin/zptlint $$zcml; done
@rm -rf .coverage .installed.cfg .mr.developer.cfg bin docs/html htmlcov \
parts develop-eggs src/eestec.portal.egg-info lib include .Python
.PHONY: all docs tests clean