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collection of themes for awesome-wm

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This is a collection of themes for Awesome WM I found all over the net. I've cleaned up and improved the themes a little by removing absolute paths and adding fallback wallpapers as well as making them compatible with the current version of Awesome WM, which is 3.4.10 (Exploder).
There are screenshots of each theme in the respective folders.

If you're the author of one of these themes and my uploading it here offends you, please drop me a line and I'll take it down.

If you're using ArchLinux, you can install this theme-package from the AUR.
Otherwise, clone this repository and put the contents into your $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/awesome/themes so that the directory structure looks like this:

├── awesome (e.g. /home/user/.config/awesome)
│   ├── rc.lua
│   ├── themes
│   │   ├── arch
│   │   ├── bamboo
│   │   ├── bio
│   │   ├── blue
│   │   ├── blue_black_red
│   │   ├── blue_black_red_2
│   │   ├── brown
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