Snippets for working with mink feature files. May one day include more...
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Emacs Behat Mink Tools

This repository contains snippets to make authoring Behat tests for a web application more efficient. This includes the default giv,whe,the,and, etc. templates that come with the cucumber.el feature-mode. In addition to those, the following conventions are used:

  • g_key is used for "Given" steps, currently just g_on for Given I am on "page".
  • w_key is used for "When" steps, such as w_go for When I go to "page" or w_follow for When I follow "link".
  • t_key is used for "Then" steps, such as t_code for Then the response code should be {code}.
  • t_-key is used for negative statements, such as t_-code for Then the response code should not be {code}.

This has not been extensively tested aside from my personal system. If you find issues with it please contribute issue reports and pull requests!