YASNippet snippet definitations for Drupal 7 editing in emacs.
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Drupal 7 Hook Snippets for Emacs YASnippet


This is a collection of snippets that have been auto-generated from a typical Drupal install using the hook files aggregated by the Drush Module Builder tool.

It’s basically rough and untested at the moment, so patches and suggestions are welcome.

Also included is the script used to process the snippet files. This can be used to generate additional snippets for modules not covered, to extend the snippet functionality (pull request please!), etc.


I install these with el-get. First add the recipe

(:name "emacs-drupal-snippets" :type git :url git://github.com/eethann/emacs-drupal-snippets.git)

then el-get-sync and el-get-install emacs-drupal-snippets.

Alternately you should be able to put it into your site-lisp dir.

Todo List

Add exceptions for hook_x_HOOK forms


GPL, of course. Let’s say 2 or 3 or MIT, whatever works best for you.