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dywypi is an IRC bot you can extend with plugins.

It also contains a simple IRC protocol implementation for asyncio, which can be used independently of the bot.


dywypi requires at least Python 3.3 — it's based on the asyncio library, which uses the yield from syntax.

dywypi has not yet had a stable release, so you must install it from git. (You may wish to do this from a virtualenv.)

pip install [--user] 'git+'

Starting the bot

To start the bot run python -m dywypi ircs://<nick>:<password>@<host>/<channel>, for example: python -m dywypi ircs://

Note that depending on your system, your Python 3 binary may be called python3.

By default, the bot doesn't load any plugins. Pass one or more -p <name> to load plugins by name, or use -p ALL to load all detected plugins.

Creating a plugin

You do not need to edit dywypi's codebase to create new plugins. Instead, put your plugin modules in a dywypi_plugins directory. Any module in the dywypi_plugins. namespace will be automatically discovered and scanned. (Of course, you must still load your plugin with -p <name> or -p ALL.)

Don't create a dywypi_plugins/ dywypi_plugins is a namespace package (see PEP 420) and should never contain an

Example Plugin: Reverse

from dywypi.plugin import Plugin

plugin = Plugin('reverse')

def reverse(event):
    yield from event.reply(event.message[::-1])

A conversation with a bot running the reverse plugin would look something like this:

<campaul> atlas: reverse foobar
<atlas> campaul: raboof


You can install in "editable" mode by passing -e to pip install.

The (currently rather small) test suite uses pytest. Run it with py.test dywypi. Tox is also supported; you should be able to run tox to run the test suite with coverage support and also do a flake8 pass.

Tickets and pull requests are welcome!