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A better image library for Python
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sanpera is an imaging library for Python, designed to expose a lot of power with an unsurprising and consistent API. The goal is to do for image manipulation what requests has done for HTTP.

This is an extreme work in progress, but it does do a few useful things. If it seems useful to you, feel free to give it a spin, and file tickets for whatever's missing or broken!



sanpera is written almost entirely in Cython, because hey, why not.

It's powered by ImageMagick, but it is not a simple wrapper; ImageMagick is merely an implementation detail.


  • Expose everything ImageMagick can do, smoothing over its idiosyncracies wherever possible.
  • Have simple, obvious behavior.
  • Be reasonably fast and compact.
  • Work with CPython and PyPy.
  • Interop where useful: numpy, Cairo, etc.


  • Behave like ImageMagick.
  • Work with IronPython or Jython.
  • Be as fast or memory-efficient as C.
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