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attiny attiny.mkd
blog.hexo-source/_posts openwrt开 安装autossh
config 搞定openwrt的ssh-D
desktop-file mkd/markdown-template.mkd
lighttpd hadoop.mkd
mkd mkd/ingress-AP.mkd
old.script mv2old
project.vala mv to project.vala
script.ascii change-dir-name
script.pic paste-img变成图片合集
.gitignore new loc
2mp3.bash cw+scale
Xnew Xnew
adb.screencap.bash adb.picbydate
ap.bash ap.bash avr
chatzilla-output-light.css chatzilla-output-light.css
cnt中文字数.pl cnt中文字数.pl
code2x264.bash code2x264.bash
csv统计.pl csv统计.pl
diff-pkg.bash diff-pkg.bash
diff-scp.bash diff-scp.bash
diff.bash mv nmn
dig.bash dig.bash
dlna.mount.bash dlna.mount.bash
fd fd
fetch-cache.bash fetch-cache.bash 1.3
goagent.bash git.alias
hosts.bash dig.bash
htc-reverse-tethering.bash reverse-tethering.bash htcsock+rever-tethering
ip-138.bash bot
koa.bash koa.bash
kvm.bash alias
lan lan
loc new loc
m-s-水平或垂直拼接图片.bash m-s-水平或垂直拼接图片.bash
msg use stock icon
mvln.bash mvln
n5-screenshot.bash wpi2svg.bash
pkg-save.bash git.alias
puzzle4.bash puzzle4.bash
reverse-tethering.bash reverse-tethering.bash
rm-before-ctime.bash rm-before-time
rm-before-mtime.bash rm-before-time pac
ssh.proxy.bash pac+ssh+mkd
synclient.bash synclient
torrent-end.bash torrent-end.bash
videoinfo.bash videoinfo.bash vimrc
wpi2svg.bash wpi2svg.bash
xsel-sento.bash diff-scp.bash+xsel-sento.bash
y 恢复aptitude
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