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EEZ DIB DCP405 r2B11 Sheet1of6.png DCP405 r2B11 Jan 19, 2020
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EEZ DIB DCP405 r2B11 Sheet5of6.png DCP405 OVP adjustment Feb 20, 2020
EEZ DIB DCP405 r2B11 Sheet6of6.png DCP405 r2B11 Jan 19, 2020
EEZ DIB DCP405 r2B11.pdf DCP405 OVP adjustment Feb 20, 2020 DCP405, DCM220 new pictures Jan 4, 2020


The EEZ DIB DCP405 Power module is modified EEZ H24005 Power board that can be housed in EEZ DIB chasis (e.g. Bench Box 3). It comes with PNP "pass" element, OVP with triac crowbar, SPI temperature sensor and redesigned down-programmer and bias power supply.

Feature list

  • Power input: 48 Vdc (e.g. Mean Well LRS-150F-48)
  • Max. output power: 200 W (limited to 155 W due to Mean Well AC/DC module)
  • Voltage regulation (CV), 0 – 40 V. Voltage set resolution (U_SET): 16-bit, read resolution (U_MON): 15-bit
  • Current regulation (CC) with 2-range (50 mA, 5 A). Current set resolution (I_SET): 16-bit, Current read resolution (I_MON): 15-bit for each range
  • On-board power pre-regulator and bias power supply
  • On-board OVP with triac crowbar and two fuses
  • Down-programmer
  • Output enable (OE) circuit with LED indicator combined with coupling indication
  • On-board Ø4 mm safety sockets (19 mm/0.75” pitch)
  • Pass-thru connector for serial and parallel coupling with other Power board
  • Remote voltage sense with LED indicator and inverse polarity protection
  • Remote voltage programming with LED indicator
  • Galvanically isolated SPI bus for communication with MCU board
  • I2C EEPROM for storing board specific configuration and calibration parameters
  • SPI Temperature sensor
  • Dimensions: 180 x 95 mm, 2-layer PCB

r2B7 prototype


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