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Please refer to the BOM in Consolidated/BOM folder where Board Name (Col F) is Power board. Eagle files is available in Consolidated/Eagle files folder.


Revision history:

  • 2017-09-24: r5B13
    • High range (0-5 A) sense resistor improvement (#40)
    • Additional current range 0-50 mA (#41)
    • Output enters unregulated mode too early (#42)
    • Remote sense resistors removed (#44)
    • Overvoltage protection for V+ output (#46)
  • 2017-03-11: r5B12
    • Dual range current programming and measurement (0-500 mA, 0-5 A)
    • New current monitor (LTC3050HV)
    • 16-bit I/O expander
    • New bias pre-regulator (TL783, LTC3260)
    • Additional Vin capacitor on Power board (#19)
    • Rsense with 4-terminal sensing (#21)
    • Protection improvement for DC power input (#25)
    • PCB is now 15 mm longer (but still compatible with previous heatsink/mounting holes)
  • 2016-12-11: r5B11
    • Current limiter is removed
  • 2016-10-24: r5B10
    • Added optional components on the AC power input
    • Voltage programming switch (IC13) wiring is fixed (#2)
    • Main heatsink (Q4) earth connection is removed (#3)
    • Error amps ground reference offset (#11)
  • 2016-07-23: r5B9 (Version 2.0 on github)
    • DAC Vdd input moved from digital +5 V to analog +5 V power supply
    • Changed power input connector type (X1)
    • Optimized number of parts size and values, renumbered reference designators
  • 2016-06-16: r5B8 - first public release (successor of pre- and post-regulator boards available in Version 1.0 on GitHub)
    • SMPS pre-regulator based on LTC3864
    • 100% duty-cycle mode of operation for lower output ripple
    • Choice between AC and DC power input
    • Remote output voltage programming
    • Remote sense reverse polarity protection
    • Switching frequency synchronization with other channel via Arduino Shield board (no additional cable is required)
    • On-board SMT temperature sensor (no additional cable is required)

This product is made available under the terms of the TAPR Open Hardware License. See the LICENSE.TXT file that accompanies this distribution for the full text of the license.

Repository: www.github.com/eez-open
Web site: www.envox.hr/eez