@prasimix prasimix released this Jan 3, 2019 · 59 commits to master since this release

This Hot fix is addressing few minor issues found when working with project in ESP. It also include the following reported issues:

  • #51 Command parameter name editing is slow
  • #54 Warning message on attempt to delete instrument extension shortcut
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@prasimix prasimix released this Dec 31, 2018 · 78 commits to master since this release

Instrument extensions are now moved to the separate GitHub repository studio-extensions for easier management and adding of new instruments. The Keysight Command Expert instrument packages can be now directly imported as an ESP project. The first batch of mathematical functions on imported graph data that include FFT is also added.

  • #9 SCPI commands and queries definitions
  • #16 Math operations on imported data (Part I)
  • #24 Copy part of session into file or clipboard
  • #37 Default panels position
  • #41 Various issues with instrument extensions
  • #43 Sync calendar with session view
  • #45 Add Compact Database feature
  • #46 Import Keysight command expert instrument package into ESP project
  • #42 Read USBTMC VID and PID
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@prasimix prasimix released this Aug 29, 2018 · 270 commits to master since this release

Various infrastructure changes have been made such as content search and filtering, item delete/undelete/purge, making session instrument independent, displaying instrument sessions in multiple tabs, instrument extension repository is now available online (hosted on the GitHub), etc.:

  • #1 "Show in toolbar" doesn't work
  • #2 Graph Configure option are not updated
  • #5 Additional instrument connection types: USBTMC
  • #19 Session item deletion
  • #20 Use tabs for displaying content
  • #22 PDF item preview
  • #23 Date/time format in general settings
  • #26 Content filtering
  • #27 Sort by table column
  • #30 Compress PNG screenshorts received from Rigol
  • #32 Instrument Label on the window title bar
  • #33 Extension distribution
  • #34 Global history changes

Known issue: USBTMC for linux doesn't work with newer USB host controllers

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@prasimix prasimix released this Apr 30, 2018 · 386 commits to master since this release

Initial release that include two main modules: EEZ Studio Project Editor (ESP) with EEZ H24005 project (HMI, instrument extensions) and EEZ Studio Workbench (ESW) that can be used for session oriented interactions with multiple SCPI capable instruments.
Direct import of Keysight’s Offline Command Expert command sets is supported, and installation include instrument extensions for various Rigol 1000 series DSO/MSO.

Please note that in this release only serial (virtual COM via USB) and Ethernet (telnet) connections are supported.

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