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Community translation project for Meteorfall: Krumit's Tale
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Krumit's Tale: Community Translations

Welcome! This repo holds the strings used by Meteorfall: Krumit's Tale on Steam.

Questions? Contact slothwerks at or pinging me @Slothwerks on our Discord.

Before doing any translations, please read the Translation Notes section below.

Getting Started

If you're interested in helping to translate Krumit's Tale into other languages, there are a few ways you can contribute:

  • [Easy] Use GitLocalize (requires Github account) to translate the strings using an online editor
  • [Easy] Download the files from this repo, edit them locally, and send them via email, Discord, etc...
  • [Advanced] Open a pull request directly against the repo (requires Github account)

Option 1: Using GitLocalize

This is the easiest and most efficient way to get involved. Once you have a free Github account, you can access our GitLocalize repository. From there, choose the language you wish to translate (let me know if you don't see the language you'd like to translate.

From there, drill down to one of the .json files and begin translating. On the right, you'll see the English string and you can click on the right side to provide a translation. Please do not use the machine translation feature!

GitLocalize Example

Once a file is fully translated, it's possible to submit a request for the strings to be merged into the repository. Click the yellow 'Create View Request' button:

Create Review Request button

From there, a moderator will review the submission and then merge it into the repository. The translations will then be included in the next update posted on Steam.

Option 2: Edit, .zip, and send

If you don't like using GitLocalize, another way you can contribute is by downloading the files, translating them, and sending them back (via email, Discord, etc...) To do this, you can either clone the repository with git (advanced) or just download a .zip of the entire repository

Download .zip of repository

The files in the repository are divided first into folders for each language. If you don't see the language you're looking for, please contact me and I can add it. In the meantime, you can get started by checking out the English strings in the (en) folder. Most of the files are either in .json or .md format. In either case, these files should be easily readable in any text editor, including Notepad. On the left is the 'key' (which should not be edited) and on the right is the English string. Delete the English string and fill in the translated string for all strings.

  "FIREBALL": "Fireball",
  "FIREBALL_DESCRIPTION": "Deal {0} #piercing damage to target enemy.  #Exhaust"

Once you're done, you can .zip your work and contact me (or post on our Discord) and I'll get it manually added to the repository.

Option 3: Opening a pull request [Advanced]

If you're a power user and would prefer to edit the files by hand rather than use GitLocalize, you can also open a pull request to this repo. This approach is recommended only for advanced users who already know how to use git (which is beyond the scope of this readme).

If you'd like to take this approach, please create a new branch (based off of master) for your translations, then open a pull request to merge it into master. I'll review the changes and accept the request.

In some cases, I may create a feature branch for an upcoming release. In that case, the instructions are the same, except that you'll create your branch off of the feature branch instead. I'll update this readme to include notes if there's a feature branch available.

Translation Notes

A couple notes for doing any translation work -

Wherever you see the '#' character, the text that follows should not be translated. These are called 'keywords' and if translated, they won't show up properly in-game. Examples include #Exhaust, #Poison, #Burn, etc... Leave these #keywords in English.

This is also true for the special #card(SomeCardName) keyword. In this case, the text inside the ( ) should also be left alone. This is a tile ID and if translated, won't show up properly in game.

If you see a {0} or a {1} these represent placeholders. For instance:

  "CLEAVE": "Cleave",
  "CLEAVE_DESCRIPTION": "Deal {0} damage to all enemies in the bottom row.  #Exhaust",

For Cleave, the {0} is replaced dynamically in game by the amount of damage that Cleave deals. You should make sure that you preserve the exact number of {} tokens in the string. In most cases, the context of what will be subsituted in will be obvious (typically a number) but please contact me if you have any doubt.

The strings are divided into multiple .json files, each representing a different set of strings. items.json and abilities.json are the top priority targets for translation, as these contain the item and ability descriptions which are the most important for playing the game. Other string files should be considered lower priority.


Can I use 'machine translations'?

No - we don't accept machine (eg: Google Translate) translations. Please only contribute translations if you're fluent in that language.

Is there a way to test my translations before submitting the strings?

Not currently. It may technically be possible by taking apart the Krumit's Tale package, but I don't know exactly how. It may be possible in the future. The strings are loaded at runtime from an Asset Bundle.

Why use crowd-sourced translations rather than paid translations?

I was inspired by the community-driven translation efforts on the Slay the Spire Discord, where Megacrit built a community of highly motivated fans and leverages that community to help bring the game to more languages. The agile, distributed and community-driven development means that a similar strategy is required for localization. The game changes frequently, and having a distributed group of passionate fans that really know & love the game mean that the translations will be as accurate & fast as possible.

Depending on the level of community involvement for certain languages, we may use a combination of paid and crowd-source translations to ensure that we have key languages covered. Unless agreed upon otherwise beforehand, translation contributions are not considered to be compensated.

I contributed translations - can you add me in the credits?

Sure! Contact me with the name you'd like to include in the credits (or mention it when you open a review request)


Because these translations are provided by the community, it's only fair that the community should be able to use this resource as well. If you have a use for the translations / strings provided here (for example, you want to make a wiki or guide for Krumit's Tale), you may use them under a common sense 'fair use' license. You may also monetize content you create about Krumit's Tale; for instance, if you created a wiki about the different cards in Krumit's Tale and wanted to put ads on it, that would be considered fair use.

You may not use the names, places, characters, etc... as part of a derivative work that isn't informational about Krumit's Tale. For instance, using the strings to create your own 'Meteorfall' game would not be OK. If you have any question about a project where you'd like to use these strings, please contact me: slothwerks at

Thank you!

Krumit's Tale's development owes a lot from the contributions of fans - not just translations, but bug reports, suggestions, community participation, fan art, and more. We wouldn't be where we are today without the support of our fans!

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