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Patches to enhance EFB functionality
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Patches to enhance EFB functionality

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Main Function

  • Telegram administrator can send messages
  • Automatically mark read on WeChat (received messages on telegram will mark read)
  • In a group, only one note is displayed when the note has the same name (or one is included by the other)
  • /update_info command adds WeChat group member information to telegram group description (supported)
  • Establish a database to save the tg group and WeChat chat/group name mapping. When there is no binding, try to find a group with the same name and automatically bind (two-way)
  • Delete unnecessary messages when receiving pictures, videos, files, for example: sent a picture. [1]
  • Applet sharing adds "Applet:" title prefix to distinguish regular links
  • Use rm` to reply to the message sent by yourself (telegram message cannot be edited )

compatible version

EFB 2.0.0
ETM 2.0.1
EWS 2.0.0


The /update_info command will bind the current group to the WeChat chat one-to-one correspondence
The /relate_group command binds the WeChat group to the current telegram group, and can be associated with multiple WeChat chats; repeated use will clear the previous binding relationship
The /release_group command will delete all WeChat sessions bound to the telegram group

Add the following configuration under blueset.telegram/config.yaml, and send the public account message to the -12334557 group (view the id through the /info command)

tg_mp: -12334557 # telegram group id


file path ~/.ehforwarderbot/profiles/default/patch.PatchMiddleware/config.yaml

auto_mark_as_read: True # auto mark as read in wechat phone client
remove_emoji_in_title: True # wouldn't remove emoji in telegram group title if this is set False


pip3 install efb-patch-middleware

~/.ehforwarderbot/profiles/default/config.yaml file add to configuration enable middleware

master_channel: blueset.telegram
- blueset.wechat
- patch.PatchMiddleware

Data Backup

Data is saved under .ehforwarderbot/profiles/default/patch.PatchMiddleware/tg_group.db

Difference between /update_info and /relate_group

/update_info is the original command of efb, which will update the WeChat session avatar and name to the tg group, and only supports binding a WeChat session. Now this command has been extended to synchronize the WeChat session name with the tg group ID. Binding one-to-one correspondence. After the link fails, replace the original failed link with the latest one

/relate_group is a new command for middleware. The application scenario is that tg group is used when binding multiple WeChat sessions. (Usually when multiple public accounts are bound to a tg group.) A message needs to be answered when used

[1]: Forward picture-type messages received by WeChat end usually with author name, remove picture title when forwarding such messages

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