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AMD/Node.js Build - Consistent Formatting etc. #1

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Sven Lito Eric Feminella
Sven Lito
svnlto commented

I initially started of trying to generate an AMD module as I wanted to use this with require.js.
I've ended up creating a proper build process you can use for releases and such. I've also made some other enhancements i.e. improve the way the code is formatted etc.

let me know what you think of it.

Eric Feminella

Adding AMD support has been on my todo list, though I typically include plugins with RequireJS separately via a specific loader; e.g:
define ( [
], function () {

return {
$ : jQuery.noConflict(),
_ : _.noConflict(),
Backbone : Backbone.noConflict()

That said, the approach is limiting for cases outside of RequireJS, such as Node, so true AMD support is certainly good to have.

The two space vs. four space tabs is more preference than anything, so those changes aren't necessary, but I'll merge them in as well.

Thanks for the contribution.


Eric Feminella efeminella merged commit 5d8717b into from
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