Chuck Norris Facts, a simple example demonstrating just a few of the awesome things you can do with Polymer.
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Chuck Norris Facts! Polymer

Chuck Norris Facts, just a basic example demonstarting a few of the awesome things you can do with Web Components and Polymer 1.x.


Project Set-up ...

Minimal project set up, just make sure you have npm, gulp, and bower installed `` ... then run the following:

  • $ npm install - Install npm modules (trouble with sudo?)
  • $ bower install - Install bower components
  • $ gulp - Start things up ...

You're all set, you can view the app locally at http://localhost:3000 and you can run the tests via $ gulp test:local

References / Resources

Polymer 1.0 / Element Catalog / Polymer Project / ES6 / Babel / WCT / ICNDB


  • Add additional test cases.
  • Implement Iron Component Page once ES6 is supported.

Who do I talk to?

Eric Feminella