My Facebook Hacker Cup 2013 Qualification round entry
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Facebook Hacker Cup 2013 Qualification Beautiful Strings

Here is the slightly cleaned up version of my FBHC 2013 Qualification round entry for the Beautiful Strings challenge.

Decided to enter this year writing in Ruby, I have included the instructions that were given on the site so you can read through them if you want to read the original spec.

Following files included:

  • beautiful_strings.rb -- My solution code
  • competitioninput.txt -- The input file with real test cases downloaded prior to final submission
  • instructions.txt -- The instructions copied from the FBHC2013 site
  • -- This file
  • testinput.txt -- File with the test cases provided as part of the instructions

Usage simply as: $ruby beautiful_strings.rb testinput.txt output.txt