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EOS smart contract for the Effect.AI token
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Effect Network EOSIO

Smart contracts for the Effect Network


The contracts are implemented in C++ and require eosio.cdt 1.5.0 to compile.

The supplied Makefile can compile all contracts:

make all

It's possible to use a docker container instead of installing eosio.cdt locally:

EOS_CC="docker run --rm -it -v $(pwd):/app -w /app effectai/eosio-cdt:v1.5.0 eosio-cpp" ABI_CC="docker run --rm -it -v $(pwd):/app -w /app effectai/eosio-cdt:v1.5.0 eosio-abigen" make all


To deploy the contracts to a local EOSIO net you can use the provided setup script. The arguments are the 3 accounts that will be created to function as smart contracts:

npm install
npm run deploy local efx swap stake

This script uses the default eosio account to deploy, initialize and authorize the accounts.

Some actions that can be used to issue and stake tokens:

cleos push action swap posttx '["eosio","d10153081027000000000000141b00234a5dcafb17ae645c203617f709450e8c5b149c49f34d4ef20298122900697b68c7526f7bf91e53c1087472616e7366657267f9e6e770af783d809bd1a65e1bb5b6042953bcac000000000000000003209c49f34d4ef20298122900697b68c7526f7bf91ef0056a65737365f00d313535343330353937393937390000","eosio","acbc532904b6b51b5ea6d19b803d78af70e7e6f9","10000000000"]' -p eosio@active
cleos push action swap issue '["6a8f4f8c5bc3f44deff460ef53b787335096e7df67d3d229fb41779cf2b919bf"]' -p eosio@active
cleos push action stake open '["eosio","eosio"]' -p eosio@active
cleos push action efx transfer '["eosio","stake","350000.0000 EFX","stake"]' -p eosio@active
cleos push action stake claim '["eosio","EFX"]' -p eosio@active
cleos get table efx eosio accounts
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