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A private NEO blockchain network with some tooling
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A simple way to setup your NEO private network. It's a docker-compose file that starts a 4-node private network and connects small block explorer to it


The private network should function correctly, and tools like neo-gui and neo-gui-develop should be able to connect to it when configured correctly. For the state of the interface you can refer to duplo.

Claim initial NEO

The following transaction claims the initial NEO to address AQx6eiNF9fisZ5B1QqjQ7SY1yg1idM68Uv. The private key for this address is KzPGeTxYxXYgDtukphXnSoywJko2bRCUuupwcu6mw572mGKhYPB7.

curl -v -d '{"jsonrpc": "2.0", "id":1, "method": "sendrawtransaction", "params": ["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"]}' localhost:10332

Alternatively the initial NEO can be claimed using the duplo interface.


The following components are included:

  • a private network: 4 neo-cli nodes that run the consensus
  • duplo: a frontend for exploring and interacting with the privatenet
  • neo-clojure-clr: an extended RPC server that acts as backend for Duplo.


You will need docker and docker-compose to run this project.

$ git clone
$ cd neo-dev-toolkit
$ docker-compose up -d

Then visit http://localhost:8080 to view the interface.


The private network is inspired by neo-privatenet-docker, and uses the same consensus keys and magic. Thanks to the CoZ developers for creating it. Some differences are:

  • This project runs 1 node per container, instead of 4 nodes in 1 container
  • Its a bit smaller size (300MB vs 1.35GB), mostly because this image doesn't include neo-python

If you want a single-image privatenet or want to use neo-python I recommend to use the CoZ image.

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