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@bolinfest bolinfest I'm pretty sure that the issue I identified in Item 13 is an error, but I would love to get clarification from @dherman. 6cd0899
@gekhua gekhua Updated Errata (markdown) ca6d572
@mvolkmann mvolkmann variables -> parameters 90f56cd
@mvolkmann mvolkmann Partial application, not currying 63a6e75
@mvolkmann mvolkmann Errata for the errata of item 55 ... opts should be the first argument, not the second. The extend function copies properties in the second to the first. 29bcb2c
@DejanLokar DejanLokar Revert 7cbfaf7^ ... 7cbfaf7 on Errata 595be85
@DejanLokar DejanLokar Updated Errata (markdown) 7cbfaf7
@swys swys Revert d41a450^ ... d41a450 on Errata f1533ba
@swys swys Item 50 takeWhile function uses break instead of continue to deal with falsey results from predicate function - changed to continue so results don't short circuit d41a450
@dherman dherman Updated Errata (markdown) 6ab5318
@mvaidya mvaidya Updated Errata (markdown) 52c33ce
@hemantsingal hemantsingal Updated Errata (markdown) 485e48b
@hemantsingal hemantsingal Updated Errata (markdown) 7f9b4c2
@hemantsingal hemantsingal wrong conclusion 266b058
@daviddrysdale daviddrysdale second instance of s/name/username/ in Item 18 6dc7688
@jodal jodal Make description of error in item 55 more precise. d3bb765
@jodal jodal Add error in code example on page 123. f9d8c2c
@jodal jodal Add wrong function name in Figure 4.6 in Item 36. 6477fbc
@jodal jodal Add wrong use of name vs. username in Item 18. bed6df8
voila wrong variable name 0ff6cf6
@thattommyhall thattommyhall Updated Errata (markdown) b3ebe49
@dherman dherman Updated Errata (markdown) 2c2e19d
@dherman dherman Updated Errata (markdown) 8ede163
@dherman dherman Updated Errata for Effective JavaScript (markdown) af0252f
@dherman dherman Updated Errata (markdown) 531d59e
@dherman dherman Updated Errata (markdown) dac7dd3
@dherman dherman Updated Errata (markdown) 2805040
@dherman dherman Created Errata (markdown) 9d2ea34
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