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☄️ Effector operators library delivering modularity and convenience

💿 Install now

Please, review documentation for YOUR version of patronum not the latest. Find and open tag/release for your version and click on the tag vA.B.C to view repo and documentation for that version, or use "Switch branches/tags" selector.

npm install patronum
# or
yarn add patronum
# or
pnpm add patronum

Next just import methods from "patronum" and use it:

import { createEffect } from 'effector';
import { status } from 'patronum';

const userLoadFx = createEffect();
const $status = status({ effect: userLoadFx });

You can read more at documentation.

Migration guide

Patronum had 3 breaking changes: 1) from 0.14 to 0.100, 2) from 0.100 to 0.110, 3) from 0.110 to 1.0

We have migration guide.


You can review

Release process

  1. Check out the draft release.
  2. All PRs should have correct labels and useful titles. You can review available labels here.
  3. Update labels for PRs and titles, next manually run the release drafter action to regenerate the draft release.
  4. Review the new version and press "Publish"
  5. If required check "Create discussion for this release"