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A LaTeX paper skeleton for CS systems conference formats
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COPYRIGHT Public domain
Makefile commit some outstanding updates
README Un-did changes to the author comment macros that broke the build;
abstract.tex Importing the paper skeleton Importing the paper skeleton
concl.tex Importing the paper skeleton
design.tex Importing the paper skeleton
eval.tex commit some outstanding updates
intro.tex Importing the paper skeleton
paper.tex make hyperlinks blue; more standard/easier to read
related.tex Importing the paper skeleton


A basic, USENIX and ACM style compliant LaTeX paper skeleton.
The default output looks like this:

But is easily tweaked using the standard packages that are invoked
in paper.tex.

The supplied Makefile uses a LaTeX build system called rubber,
which _greatly_ simplifies the build process.  The hard way (multiple
pdflatex/bibtex incantations) will also work. rubber is available at

This assumes that your biblio file is named 'ref.bib'.  Change in paper.tex
as appropriate.

A note:  The given Makefile tries to ensure that all fonts are embedded.
You can double-check by running 'pdffonts' on the final paper.pdf or an
individual figure.

# The skeleton for this paper comes from
# When editing paper_skel, please ensure that your changes are 
# clean and apply to future papers in general, not just one
# specific paper.

Michael Kaminsky
David G. Andersen
A cast of thousands (okay, at least dozens!) of students and co-authors
who've found bugs, made or suggested improvements, etc.
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