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BabelTrace - Trace Format Babel Tower
This project provides trace read and write libraries, as well as a trace
converter. A plugin can be created for any trace format to allow its conversion
to/from another trace format.
The main format expected to be converted to/from is the Common Trace
Format (CTF). The latest version of the CTF specification can be found at:
git tree: git://
The CE Workgroup of the Linux Foundation, Ericsson, and EfficiOS have
sponsored this work.
The current maintainers are:
Jérémie Galarneau <>
Mathieu Desnoyers <>
Questions should be addressed to this mailing list:
./bootstrap (skip if using tarball)
make install
To compile Babeltrace, you will need:
gcc 3.2 or better
libc6 development librairies
(Debian : libc6, libc6-dev)
(Fedora : glibc, glibc)
glib 2.22 or better development libraries
(Debian : libglib2.0-0, libglib2.0-dev)
(Fedora : glib2, glib2-devel)
uuid development libraries
(Debian : uuid-dev)
(Fedora : uuid-devel)
libpopt >= 1.13 development libraries
(Debian : libpopt-dev)
(Fedora : popt)
elfutils >= 0.154 development libraries (optional)
(Debian : libelf-dev, libdw-dev)
(Fedora : elfutils-devel, elfutils-libelf-devel)
python headers (optional)
(Debian/Ubuntu : python3-dev)
swig >= 2.0 (optional)
(Debian/Ubuntu : swig2.0)
python >= 3.0 (optional)
(Debian/Ubuntu : python3)
sphinx >= 1.2 (optional)
(Debian/Ubuntu : python3-sphinx)
If you want Python bindings, run ./configure --enable-python-bindings.
Please note that some distributions will need the following
environment variables set before running configure:
export PYTHON="python3"
export PYTHON_CONFIG="/usr/bin/python3-config"
For developers using the git tree:
This source tree is based on the autotools suite from GNU to simplify
portability. Here are some things you should have on your system in order to
compile the git repository tree :
- GNU autotools (automake >=1.10, autoconf >=2.50, autoheader >=2.50)
(make sure your system wide "automake" points to a recent version!)
- GNU Libtool >=2.2
(for more information, go to
- Flex >=2.5.35.
- Bison >=2.4.
If you get the tree from the repository, you will need to use the "bootstrap"
script in the root of the tree. It calls all the GNU tools needed to prepare the
tree configuration.
Running "make check": bash is required.