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barectf barectf master linuxbuild

barectf (from bare metal and CTF) is a generator of tracer which produces CTF data streams.


This README mostly documents barectf development.

To learn how to use barectf, read its documentation.

Install barectf

See the barectf documentation’s Install barectf page.

Build barectf

barectf is a Poetry project.

To build barectf from this repository:

  1. Install Poetry.

  2. Build the project:

    $ poetry build

    The dist directory contains the distribution archives.

Build the barectf documentation

This repository contains an Antora documentation component version under the docs directory.

This component version is the source of the barectf documentation website.

You can refer to this component version in your Antora playbook file, for example:

  # ...
    - url:
      branches: [stable-3.1]
      start_path: docs
    # ...
  # ...

Test barectf

To run the barectf tests:

  1. Make sure you have the testing requirements:

    • A little-endian architecture.

      YAML configuration files of tracing tests use a little-endian native byte order.

    • tox

    • A C compiler.

      If your C compiler is not the command cc, then set the CC environment variable to your compiler’s path and export it to run the barectf tests.

    • GNU Make

  2. Run the tests:

    $ tox

Get help

See the barectf documentation’s Get help page.