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barectf 2 changelog

barectf v2.3.0


  • Add tracing activity and tracing section API to check whether or not the traced thread is currently within a barectf tracing function and to enable or disable tracing.


  • Add tox configuration.


  • Fix various testing infrastructure issues.
  • Fix generated bitfield.h big-endian macros.

barectf v2.2.1

Minor improvements:

  • barectf now generates ANSI C code.
  • The generated code can be compiled with a C++ compiler.

  • barectf claims to generate ANSI C code.
  • Reword some paragraphs.

barectf v2.2.0


  • Add $default boolean property to stream objects, and $default-stream string property to the metadata object, to specify a default stream: when a default stream exists, tracing function aliases without the default stream name (barectf_trace_my_event(), for example) are also generated
  • Add options property to the configuration object, with:
    • gen-prefix-def: true to generate a preprocessor definition (#define) in barectf.h for the effective prefix
    • gen-default-stream-def: true to generate a preprocessor definition for the default stream name, if any
  • Create barectf-tracepoint.h, a bridging C header file that allows LTTng-UST tracepoints to be used as is with barectf by providing the same tracepoint() macro


  • Test the new $default (stream object), $default-stream (metadata object), and options (configuration object) properties

  • Add instructions for installing barectf on Arch Linux using the AUR
  • Add instructions for installing barectf on Ubuntu using a PPA

barectf v2.1.4

Minor improvements:

  • Override default metadata env entries with user entries instead of the opposite
  • Statically align and compute the size of event fields when possible for the _get_event_size_*() functions when possible

Bug fixes:

  • Do not write event's stream_id or stream's id when the trace packet header type has no stream_id field.


  • Add config test for multiple streams, no stream_id field in packet header type

  • Indicate how to install the command's man page

barectf v2.1.3

Minor improvements:

  • Allow no or empty event payload type, as long as the event is not empty itself (contains at least one field in its 4 entities)


  • Remove no/empty event payload type config tests
  • Add config test for empty event

  • Add image on top
  • Add Community section

barectf v2.1.2

Bug fixes:

  • Inherit from appropriate unsigned integer type aliases in stdint.yaml for self-aligned, signed integer type aliases

barectf v2.1.1

Bug fixes:

  • Force clock offset object properties to their default values when set to null

  • Update Babeltrace's URL
  • Add --python=python3 option to virtualenv line in the testing section

barectf v2.1.0


  • Add $include property to metadata, clock, trace, stream, and event objects to include external YAML files
  • Object properties which have a default value can force it with null; this is especially useful when also using type inheritance or including external YAML files

Bug fixes:

  • Fix a few error messages
  • Use appropriate prefix for event context type parameters in generated code
  • _write_cstring(): use prefix
  • Enumeration type object: start from current last value when adding label-only members to parent object
  • Check the size of the id (event header) and stream_id (packet header) to make sure they can fit all events/streams
  • Reduce the number of compiler warnings when using -Wall and -pedantic
  • Make sure all entity types are structure types
  • Make sure all enumeration type object member values fit within the enumeration's value type
  • Check for unknown properties in enumeration type object
  • Check for unknown properties in floating point number size object
  • Check for unknown base values in integer type object
  • Check the type of the byte-order property in trace object
  • Check the signedness of the uuid field's element type in the trace packet header type
  • Check for unknown properties in configuration object
  • Check node type before checking its properties
  • Use unions to write floating point numbers to avoid aliasing warnings


  • Add configuration file tests

  • Add CI badge
  • Add C99 compliance limitation
  • Move documentation to the project's wiki

barectf v2.0.2

  • Add PyPI badge
  • Fix Arch Linux installation command line

barectf v2.0.1

Bug fixes:

  • Fix various bugs in the Parallella platform

barectf v2.0.0

Initial release.

Major changes from barectf 0.x:

  • Single YAML configuration input
  • TSDL metadata is generated by barectf instead of being consumed
  • Introduction of platforms to handle buffers automatically with custom callbacks and to allow continuous tracing
  • Various optimizations in the generated C code