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Prepare and summarize data for publication
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A set of tools for preparing and summarizing data for publication purposes. Includes functions for tabulating models, means to produce human-readable summary statistics from raw data, macros for calculating duration of time, and simplistic hypothesis testing tools.


> tabulate_

  • tabulate_model(): Converts parameters from a model object into a usable table for publication purposes. By default, formats the table into a human-readable/exportable form.
  • tabulate_at_risk(): Returns a risk table from a model object and specified time points.

> paste_

  • paste_freq(): Returns a human-readable frequency from count(able) data. Handily has methods for several types of data.
  • paste_median(): Returns a human-readable median with inter-quartile range from numeric data.
  • paste_mean(): Returns a human-readable mean with standard deviation from numeric data.
  • paste_efs(): Returns a human-readable event-free-survival from a survfit object and a specified time point.

> calc_

  • calc_duration(): Returns the duration of time between two provided date objects. Essentially a macro of lubridate:: functions with extra logic built in.
  • calc_chunks(): Returns mapped "chunk" indices for a data object given a specified chunk size (e.g. number of rows in a tibble).

> test_

  • test_hypothesis(): Returns a p-value from null hypothesis testing of stratified continuous or categorical data. Provides parametric and non-parametric testing options (see docs).

> chunk_

  • chunk_data_(): Returns a factory function which returns chunks of a given data object (table, vector) with successive function calls.
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