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This app was originally developed to learn Android programming, but if you are a exercise oriented person (walk, hike, bike, ski,...) this is the app for you!

The app was started way back around 2011 or so, and updated as time and interest converge. It does need major rewritting to bring it up to current Android archectiture standards, but hey - it does what it needs to do.

Main ToDos

  • Rewrite to current Android archectiture standards.

Interesting code used in this project:

  1. SQLite - stores activity info
  2. MPAndroidChart - used for charting
  3. Google maps
  4. Backup/restore to/from Android Drive
  5. Firebase JobDispatcher and JobService to handle backup
  6. RxJava/RxAndroid for backup and restore.
  7. Use Dagger2 for dependency injection
  8. Use RxJava PublishRelay for callbacks
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