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This is the public version of the template repository for Penn State's Astro 585 (Fall 2015). Students should clone the private version.

Course Webpage


Resources for Setting Up Julia

Instructions for Setting up git to get and submit labs/homework assignments:

  1. Create an account at Note that you're encouraged to use a "code name", so that we can discuss your code and have peers review your code, without having to reveal your true identity. Also, note that you're welcome to use an alternative git server if you prefer (e.g. to keep your repositories private), just let the instructor know how to access your repository.
  2. Setup up git on your machine. The astro computers and Osmond lab should already have git installed. However, you will need to setup each system to authetnticate with GitHub using either HTTPS or SSH. You may want to follow the instructions at setup git for linux. (While there are GUIs for Mac and Windows, the command line interface described in the Linux section should work for Mac users or people using Windows and cygwin on their personal laptop.) Also, remember that you shouldn't use your real name and email if you want to preserve your anonymity.
  3. Send the instructor an email with your username, so you can be added to the team that can access the class repository.
  4. Follow the instructions on forking a repository using the PsuAstro585 repository and cloning it on your local machine.
  5. Create a simple text file in the lab/0 subdirectory of your local repository, commit it to your local repository, and then push the changes to your fork of the class branch. Then go to your repository's webpage on (or git server of yoru choice) to verify that the file you added showed up. If you see it, then congrats... you're using distributed version control system!


Penn State Astro 585: High-Performance Scientific Computing for Astrophysics (Public version)




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