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The 2nd consultation on eForms, the update to the EU's procurement standard forms. Scroll down for more information.
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Updated on 2019-05-30.

Welcome to eForms, the update to the European Union's procurement standard forms.

This initiative is a major update to the public procurement standard forms. The forms define how EU countries publish data on individual procurement contracts. This update will make it easier for companies to find contracts, increase transparency towards citizens and improve governments’ ability to make data-driven decisions on spending.

Over the last three years, this initiative has undergone several rounds of public feedback (beyond Github, more information is here and here). On 27th May 2019, the European Commission has asked the Advisory Committee on Public Contracts, which is the official body of EU countries' representatives, for its final opinion on the draft act. All the documents, as well as the propoal, are available on the relevant page of the Commission's Comitology Register. EU countries must send their opinions by 29th July 2019.

GitHub issues page is ideal for submitting questions on or comments to the proposal. While all issues will be responded to, comments will be taken into account only if they are referred to in at least one of the official opinions given by the representatives in the Advisory Committee on Public Contracts.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us at

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