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Versions of jbit compiled for Android are available. They should work on any Android version 1.5 or later (for ARM, 2.3 for X86/MIPS). The static versions should also work on most Linux distributions.

In this page, I assume that you have installed Jack Palevich's terminal. Other (good) terminals should also work.

Basic Usage

Download jbit-android-arm-pie.bin (~128K) for Android 4.1+, or jbit-android-arm-nopie.bin (~140K) for Android <4.1 into your phone, noting the location of the file (e.g. /mnt/sdcard/Download).

Binaries for other architectures (X86 and MIPS), together with static versions of the binaries are available here (the jbit-*-android-all.* archives).

From the terminal, go to a directory where you can make files executable:

u0_a51@android:/ $ cd
u0_a51@android:/data/data/jackpal.androidterm/app_HOME $

Copy jbit there and change its permissions:

...app_HOME $ cat /mnt/sdcard/Download/jbit-android-arm-pie.bin >jbit
...app_HOME $ chmod 755 jbit

Switch to an editor capable of creating ASCII text files and create, for example, a program named /mnt/sdcard/tmp/hello.txt:

lda #'X'
sta 2:0
lda #10
sta 2:0

Switch back to the terminal and run it:

...app_HOME $ ./jbit /mnt/sdcard/tmp/hello.txt

Using kbox

Bare Android can be quite inconvenient, so I recommend using a more powerful environment like kbox, and maybe an advanced soft keyboard like the Hacker's Keyboard.

A minimal installation of kbox can be quite small and can easily fit in the internal memory of a low-end phone. To install it, follow the instructions that you can find here (kbox3). Previous versions of kbox should also work.

The installation of jbit is similar to the above:

vbox$ cp /android_root/mnt/sdcard/Download/jbit-android-arm-pie.bin /bin/jbit
vbox$ chmod 755 /bin/jbit

Since jbit is linked with the bionic runtime, it should play well with the kbox fakeroot environment.


cc65 for Android is available here:

Installation instructions are available here:, where some general information about running command line programs on Android can also be found.

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