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A minimal Tcl for docker
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mini-tcl Build Status

An Alpine Linux based mini Tcl for Docker.

This contains a restricted set of packages necessary for running Tcl 8.6 applications. It is based on an installation of the packages available in Alpine Linux, and an install of the latest tcllib. That should leave you with tls, expect, all the Tcl 8.6 packages (threads, database connections, etc.) and the whole of the tcllib. The pure-tcl readline is enabled by default for the root user in the container so you will have a decent prompt at the command line.

Building and Running

To build, simply write:

docker build -t efrecon/mini-tcl .

To run and get an interactive Tcl prompt:

docker run -it --rm efrecon/mini-tcl

Running your own scripts

This image exports /opt/tcl as a volume and arranges to give that directory and its sub-directory lib as additional locations when looking for packages. This means that you should be able to mount local directories onto /opt/tcl to run your own code within the container.

Additionally, the image exports /opt/data to place random data that you might wish to access from within the container.

Versions and Tags

This image tries to follow the release cycle of the official Alpine linux image from docker. Available are the following tags:


Thanks to the maintainer of the Tcl package on Alpine to have spent the time providing the initial tls package.

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