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Final Assignment 1

Final URL

Assignment Description

You will expand on weekly assignments one through six to scrape New York's AA Meeting List to capture, clean, and store all meetings in Manhattan (zones one through ten). The meetings data should be stored in MongoDB and queried using the aggregation pipeline. You will use the Google Maps API to display relevant meetings as map markers, with Info windows that show all relevant information about the meeting(s) at each marker. Here's an example, showing one meeting group.

Information Regarding This Submission

My code can be broken down by group in the following structure:

  • Prep: Arrange the variables and environment for the code to run

  • Order: Use an async function to follow each subsequent function in the correct order

  • Parse: Parse the data and fill several arrays to gather the right information. These arrays include location names, address information, wheelchair and location notes, meeting group name, and meeting details (day and time).

  • Cleanse: I then replaced certain values, updated the arrays, and cleansed the data based on the final output. This often included replacing addresses that were not obtaining in an api result.

  • Meeting Objects: I created a function that put the meeting information into the right arrangement of JSON notation and fixed the time arrangement issues. This was particularly challenging because they had to remain within the array of the location in which all meetings take place.

  • API: I then run the address data through the google API

  • JSON Notation: I compile the meeting details, address information, and other relevant information into a JSON object to put into mongo.

  • Mongo: Connect with the mongo client and insert this specific group.

Lessons Learned

I've learned a lot about javascript, functions, variables, and errors through this assignment. Now that I know what I do, I can see how my own code is flawed. If I had the time to update and re-work my code, these are the problems I would fix.

Timing Is Everything: I created a (seemingly) well-working code when I operated only on my own zone (m10). It worked when I ran it, so I copied the code for all other zones, and made the specific changes to each area. However, it wasn't until I got to the much larger zones (like m06 and m07) that my code was jumping ahead of itself. I thought that my async function would fix this - but it seems to start a function and move on to the next function, even if the first function isn't completed yet. I would often get "unhanded promise rejections" or "cannot read the property 'latLong' of undefined". I know these errors too well, and I've learned it is because the next function started prior to the earlier functions completion. This was particularly relevant with the larger zones, because it took longer to complete the parsing of a larger set of meetings. If I were to re-write my code, I would leverage async functions and setTimers more carefully to ensure that each section completed before starting the next section. Another option would be splitting my code by my sections (parsing, cleaning, etc.) rather than by zone.

One Location, Two Addresses: A side effect of the disastrously dirty data from the initial websites is that some locations have slightly varying addresses. For example, "49 Fulton St" is the same as "49 Fulton St 1st Floor Library". This meant that two pins appear in that location, and the groups are not consolidated into the same textbox. If I had time to clean this code, I would change my "cleaning" process to (1) align all similar addresses, but more importantly, (2) maintain the room specific details that are often listed. For this version, I felt it important to include "library" or "kitchen" when it didn't place the pin in another state. Now that I see this issue on the map, I'd re-write my code to solve it.

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